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Easycare Fountec 8 Oz Water Feature Algaecide, 50008

Easycare Fountec 8 Oz Water Feature Algaecide, 50008

Mfg #: 50008

SKU: 50008

UPC: 732337500082

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Easycare Fountec 8oz. Water Feature Algaecide

Removes green, blue, blue-green, yellow, and black algae with an EPA registered non-hazardous, non-foaming and non-staining formula.


  • Safe for plants, birds, and animals to drink treated water - but not safe for fish
  • Safe for all types of surfaces
  • Does not require regular chlorine usage
  • Deters and prevents mosquito landings on water
  • Out performs copper, enzyme, and quat-based products
  • Protection lasts a week or more, not days
  • Eliminates harsh cleaners and scrubbing
  • One 8 oz bottle typically lasts up to one year
  • Water clarifiers leaves water ultra-clear
  • No weekly chlorine or testing required