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Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed Pump, EC-342001

Pentair SuperFlo Variable Speed Pump, EC-342001

Mfg #: EC-342001

SKU: EC-342001

UPC: 788379500191

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Pentair SuperFlo VS1-Phase Variable Speed Pump with Timer; 1.5 HP

Bring the remarkable energy cost savings of variable speed technology to standard pools at an affordable price. They reduce energy costs by up to 80%. SuperFlo VS Variable Speed Pumps have an easy to read graphical display and a built-in timer so the pumps are easy to install and easy to use.


  • Variable speed technology costs significantly less to operate
  • Ideal for standard pools requiring up to 1.5 hp pump
  • 110/230V and 50/60 Hz capability
  • Real-time clock with 24-hour memory retention
  • Simple, intuitive user interface is easy to program and operate
  • Easy to access electrical connections for simple installation
  • Three operating speed settings plus override capability
  • SuperFlo pump by Pentair is a direct replacement for the Hayward® Super Pump® *
  • WEF 9.0 THP 2.2 (342001)


7 Reviews

  • Posted by Benton on 07/27/2021


    Pentair Pump Review

    The pentair Pump is working great. No more noise. I just need to get it prime to get the air out of the system.

  • Posted by Russ N on 07/21/2021


    Pentair variable 342001

    Fantastic pump super quiet and efficient. Best investment that I should have done sooner.

  • Posted by Mat on 06/04/2021


    Pentair VS Pump

    This pump is awesome. IMO worth the money. Installed easily and super simple set up. I was able to reduce the high speed for my size pool very easily and it just goes on it's own schedule now. I didn't have a timer, so the old pump would have had me flipping on and off the breaker. When I bought the house, the old pump was shot, took me several weeks to find this pump, but it cleared the pool up on the first filtration run. Definitely recommend.

  • Posted by Dr9 on 05/02/2021


    Powerful and (mostly) quiet.

    Two weeks installed. No problems. Much quieter (except for quick clean or first priming - then it sounds like it is preparing to blast off into orbit). What noises there are sound like what you would expect - no whining. Just a grunt of a motor and on high speed the sound of water wooshing around in the basket.

  • Posted by Willie S. on 01/25/2021


    Great Product

    I was hesitant about getting a VS pump but felt it should be considered. After over 6 hours of research and puring over power usage data, performance and various manufacturers I dedided on the Pentair 342001. The only issue I found with Pentair was the professional installation requirement for the full warranty, but did not want to pay the inflated price of $300.00 +. I have been a DIY guy my whole life and a good background with pools and electrical so I figured to give it a go. Decided to do my own install and purchase the Amazon extended warranty to cover what would be the "normal" Pentair warranty. The install was very easy. Had to replumb some PVC pipe using the best heavy duty glue available at HD. The power was connections were SUPER EASY. The Pentair system recognizes your avaialbe power and adjusts itself accordingly. I used adjustable appliance feet to make leveling easier and also to help with vibration of which there is very little anyways with this motor. Performance: Wow what a difference!! This motor is so quite it's hard to know that it is running. My pool filteration system was down for over a week while I gathered data and waited for the unit to arrive so you could see the water was struggling even though I added chlorine to keep it from going swampy on me. Ran the pump for 24 hours at 3000 rpm to while I balanced the chemicals. You could see the difference in in just 12 hours and by 24 hours the water was crystal clear. Changed the DE in the filter and ran it for another 24 hours just to make sure. The volume of water filtered through the system and the exit waterflow back into the pool is amazing. Should have done this a long time ago. No more loud noise and hopefully no more huge electric bills.

  • Posted by K on 07/22/2020


    Great Value

    Works efficiently, easy to instal, no issues

  • Posted by JWiz on 05/16/2020


    I cannot say enough good things about this pump

    I had it running at 1400 rpm and you couldn't even hear it. It makes noise at full speed, but I run it just over halfway and it cycles my pool once a day in 12 hours. I recommend a flowmeter, I got one and installed it inline on the supply line feeding the pump. Programming is easy, I have a booster pump for the floor vacuum, so I run this on a low speed for all 3 settings over 12 hours.