Spa Filter Cartridges

Proper cleaning and maintenance of you cartridge filter is a very important part of caring for your spa or hot tub. Despite your best efforts, sometimes they do wear out and need to be replaced. Inspect your cartridge pleats for any tears as well as monitoring the amount of residual debris. It is also a best practice to measure or have an understanding of the physical dimensions of the cartridge so that you choose the correct replacement. We would be happy to offer advice or answer any questions in this process. Please contact us here.

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Please select your spa or hot tub manufacturer from the list below to view the available cartridge filters.


Aber Hot Tub
Accent Spas
Acryx-MAAX Spas
Addison Spas
Advantage Manufacturing
Alcove Spas
Alps Spas
American Classic Spas
American Spas
Amish Country Spas
Apollo Spas
Aqua Mystic Spas
Aqua Spas
Aqua Tech Spas
Aquaform / Infinity Spas
Arctic Spas
Arizona Pacific Spas
Artesian Spas
Atera Spas

Baja Spas
Beachcomber Spas
Belize Spas
Blue Falls Manufacturing
Blue Pacific Spas
Bullfrog Spas

Cal Spas
Caldera Spas
Canspa Manufacturing (Canada)
Catalina / Caribbean Spas
Charisma Spas
Clearwater Spas
Clipper Spas
Coast Mountain Spas (Canada)
Coast Spas (Canada)
Coleman Spas
Columbia Spas
Comfort Line Spas
Crystal Water Spas (Canada)
CTA Spas
Cyanna Valley Spas

Dakota Spas
Del Sol Spas
Diamante Spas
Diamond Back Spas
Diamond Spas
Dimension One Spas
Discovery Spas
Dolphin Spas
Down East Spas
Dream Maker Spas
Dynasty Spas

Elite Spas
Emerald Spas
Encon Spas
Esther Williams Spas

Florida Whirlpool Spas
Fountain Valley Spas
Four Seasons Spas
Four Winds Spas
Freedom Spas
Freeflow Spas
Futura Spas/Strong Industries

Garden Leisure Spas
Gatsby Spas
Gerico Spas
GPM Industries Spas
Gulf Coast Spas

H2O Spas
Haugh's Spas / Atlantic
Haven Spas
Hawkeye Spas
Heartland Spas
Heldor Spas
Hollibaugh Spas
Honey Tubs
Hot Springs Spas
Hydro Spa

Icon Spas
Imperial Spas
Infinity Spas / Continental Leisure
Infinity Spas of Tennessee
Islander Spas

J.E.M. Spas
Jacuzzi Premium Spas
Jacuzzi Whirlpool Spas
Jetta Spas

La Spas / Advanced Spa Design
Legend Spas
Lifestyle Spas (Canada)

MAAX Spas (Canada)
Marathon Spas
Marquis Spas
Master Spas
Midwest Spas
Millenium Spas
Moonwater Spas
Moose Mountain Spas
Morgan Spas
Mountain Meadows / Mountain Stream Spas

Nahani Spas by MAAX
Nemco Spas
Nordic Hot Tubs
Northwest Spas

Onyx / AquaTemp
Opu Spas / Great Northern Engineering
Orca Bay Spas

Pacific Spas by Aber
Pageant Spas
PDC Spas
Phoenix Spas
Porta Spa

QCA Spas
Quantum Spas

Reflections Spas
River Valley Spas
Rocky Mountain Spas
Rogers Spas
Romanesque Spas
Royal Spas
Rubadub Tub Spas

Safari Spas
Santana Barbara Spas
Santana Spas
Saratoga Spas
Sequoia Design Spas
Seven Seas Spas
Sierra Spas
Signature Spas
Softsider Spas
Softub Spas
Sonoma Spas
South Pacific Spas
Spa Crest Spas
Spa Manufacturer's Inc.
Splash Tub
Streamline Spas
Sun Coast Spas
Sun Ray Spas (Canada)
Sun West Spas
Sunbelt Spas
Suncountry Spas
Sundance Spas
Sunrise Spas
Sunset Spas
Superior Spas

Thermo Spas
Tiara Spas
Tiger River Spas
Tranquility Spas
Tuff Spas

US Spas
US Tooling & Spas

Viking Spas
Vita Spas

Warm Spring Spas
Water's Edge Spas
White Spring Spas
Wild Water Spas
Wind River Spas

Zone Spas