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Thermo-Wall Pool Insulation 15'x24' Oval

Thermo-Wall Pool Insulation 15'x24' Oval

Mfg #: Thermo15x30

SKU: Thermo15x24

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Thermo-Wall is an insulating wrap that goes between your pool liner and the pool wall to help reduce heat-loss.

Please read our blog on this product located here!

Thermo-Wall Insulated Liner Padding Features And Benefits

  • Reflects solar energy in water
  • Adds R-value
  • Excellent vapor barrier
  • Reduces heat loss up to 80%
  • Quick and easy to install
  • 3/16" thickness
  • Metalized foil/bubble/clear poly
  • Ultra resistant and light weight
  • 69 PSI puncture rate
  • Helps prevent condensation on steel walls
  • Recommended to use spray tack to help adhere product to pool siding 

Recommended Length To Pool Size

Pool Size Length
Pool Size: "15' Round" 47
Pool Size: "18' Round" 57
Pool Size: "15'x30' Oval" 78
Pool Size: "16'x32' Oval" 78
Pool Size: "18'x33' Oval" 87
Pool Size: "21' Round" 66
Pool Size: "24' Round" 76
Pool Size: "27' Round" 85
Pool Size: "28' Round" 88
Pool Size: "30' Round" 94
Pool Size: "12'x24' Oval" 62
Pool Size: "15'x24' Oval" 66
Pool Size: "16'x24' Oval" 68

1 Reviews

  • Posted by Sally Ryon on Aug 27 2022


    Thermo-wall Insulation

    I have an old above ground pool I had to do some sidewall repairs to. I decided to invest a little extra while I had it all apart and purchased wall insulation. It arrived quickly, was really easy to install (about an hour with two people), and I am super happy with the heat retention improvement. I live in Ohio and even though we have had lows in the 50s at night already my water temp only drops a few degrees at night. Well worth the money!