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Anderson Manufacturing 1.5" MPT Winter Duck Plug, WDP150

Anderson Manufacturing 1.5" MPT Winter Duck Plug, WDP150

Mfg #: WDP150


UPC: 852673950089

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Anderson Manufacturing Co Inc, Winter Duck Plug (fits 1-1/2" Threads), Color: White/Yellow, Size: 1.50"

The fantastic Duck Plug is a great helper during the winterizing process that your swimming pool undergoes and is ideal for pool owners who have a vacuum port far below the waterline. The “plug” is actually a valve that acts like a duck’s bill, allowing a large flow of both water and air to be forcefully pushed out of the return line plumbing but does not allow the waterflow back into the air lines.

Using a duck plug aides in making pool closing a one person job, eliminates the need to burp lines, and erases any requirement of draining the pool water below the returns. This product comes with a double seal system that boasts an incredible water tight seal, working in conjunction with a safety cap for ice protection.

Allows plumbing lines to be winterized without draining the pool. The patent-pending "duck-bill" valve allows a large flow of air and water to be blown from the return plumbing but does not allow water back into the lines.

Perfect for those who have a vacuum port far under the waterline.

1.5" thread fits most pool fittings.

Anderson Manufacturing Co Inc; Winter Duck Plug (fits 1-1/2" Threads); Color: White/Yellow; Size: 1.50"


Brand Anderson Manufacturing Co Inc
Color White/Yellow
Item Winter Duck Plug (fits 1-1/2" Threads)
Size 1.50"
Warranty 1 Year


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