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Bio-Dex 32 Oz. Phosphate Remover, PHOS32

Bio-Dex 32 Oz. Phosphate Remover, PHOS32

Mfg #: PHOS32


UPC: 837871000491

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Biodex PHOS32 Phosphate Remover 1 Qt

Phosphate Remover is a non-toxic, simple to use product that will help remove high phosphate levels in your water. As part of your regular maintenance routine, it will help you maintain clear and sparkling water.

Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover is a chemical product designed to reduce the level of phosphates in swimming pool water. Phosphates are a common nutrient found in pool water, which can come from various sources, such as fertilizers, leaves, and other organic materials. If the level of phosphates in the pool water is too high, it can lead to algae growth, cloudy water, and other water quality problems.

Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover works by binding with the phosphates in the pool water and causing them to form larger particles that can be easily filtered out. The product is safe to use with all types of pool surfaces and sanitizing systems.

To use Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover, the pool owner should first test the phosphate levels in the pool water using a phosphate test kit. If the phosphate level is above the recommended range, the recommended amount of the product should be added directly to the pool water. It is recommended to brush the pool walls and floor to ensure the product is evenly distributed. After 24 to 48 hours, the pool owner should backwash or clean the filter to remove the particles formed by the product.

Overall, Bio-Dex Phosphate Remover is a useful tool for pool owners looking to reduce the level of phosphates in their pool water and prevent algae growth. However, it is important to follow the instructions carefully and use the product in conjunction with regular pool maintenance practices for the best results.