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Conserve Energy with Solar Heat

Published by Brooke Sardella on 12/14/2022

Conserve Energy with Solar Heat

Today is Energy Conservation Day! In your home, you probably have many appliances that consume energy like your heating, refrigerator, TV and lighting. Your swimming pool uses these resources just like any other feature of your home, so how can you lower your energy footprint and save money in the process?

The system that uses the most energy in your pool is filtration from your pump. If you have lighting, heating or salt chlorination, these will also contribute to your pool's overall footprint. Switching to a variable speed pump is one of the main ways you can save energy and money. Read our blog here and learn how you can save up to 70% on your energy bill and learn how much you can save.

As we look forward to spring and the 2023 pool season, you’ll want to know how you can warm up your pool water after opening. You can opt for a heater or heat pump, which are very efficient, but there are other low-cost alternatives, too! The greenest way to heat your pool is with the sun! Even if your pool area doesn’t receive direct sunlight during the day, you can still use the sun to power your pool heating with a solar heating system.

The Sun Heater Solar Heating System can increase your water temperature by 15°F! The Sun Heater can be installed on a roof, fence, or even on the ground near your pool to collect the sun’s warmth. The best part is, after installation, this system is virtually free, because it works in tandem with your pool's heat pump, which you would be running regardless. The system is simple, your pump pushes water into the Sun Heaters tubes where it can be heated and returned to your pool. This way, you will be able to add extra weeks onto your swimming season!

Tip: You can also use it alongside other green systems like a solar cover to trap in warmth at a low cost and energy footprint.

Celebrate Energy Conservation Day by making your pool more energy efficient! You will be contributing to a greener future and saving green in your wallet, too!