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Variable Speed Pumps = Huge Energy Savings

Published by Brooke Sardella on 04/21/2022

Variable Speed Pumps = Huge Energy Savings

If you are familiar with Variable Speed Pumps or VSP's, you may have heard how they can help you achieve an energy-efficient pool by cutting your operating costs and preserving the longevity of your equipment.

To refresh your memory, your pool pump is like the engine of your car. You wouldn’t drive your car at max speed 24/7 as that would cost you a ton in fuel costs and put excessive strain on your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is very similar to how a single-speed pool pump operates, but when you upgrade to a VSP, the pump will adjust its speed to the environment, much like how you would normally drive your car.

Knowing this, the big question is: How much energy can a variable speed pump actually save you?

The table above was calculated by our friends at Pentair and is based on a 30,000-gallon pool run at our headquarters in Plaistow, NH using a 1HP single-speed pump for the season. As you can see, you will be able to save ~$700 a year in energy costs. When you consider that a pool pump can last 8-12 years, we are talking about up to an $8,000 savings in the lifetime of the pump! With a saving like that, the pool pump will have paid itself off in just 1 or 2 seasons. You can expect to save this amount of energy and money when you switch to a VSP from Pentair such as the INTELLIFLO VS.

If the energy savings aren't enough of a reason to upgrade, VSPs are also significantly quieter, can be programmed to run on your schedule, put less strain on your filter and many states even have rebates for their energy efficiency. Inefficient pool pumps drain significant energy, that's why a number of utility companies are offering these rebate incentives to pool owners

Do you want to save up to $8,000 in your pool energy costs? If so, it is time to upgrade to a Variable Speed Pump! To dive into more detail about Variable Speed Pumps, you can visit our other VSP blog posts here and find the best VSP for your pool.