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Dolphin Triton PS Plus 99996212-USWI

Published by Matt Fichera on 06/26/2020

Dolphin Triton PS Plus 99996212-USWI

The  Dolphin Triton PS Plus can clean swimming pools that are up to 50 feet in length. It is self-programming and can handle thoroughly scrubbing, vacuuming, and filtering all pool surfaces. The robot is self-programming and ensures a clean pool in under 2 hours thanks to the on-board pool scanning technology.

The Triton PS Plus is easy to use and is plug-n-play right out of the box and into the pool. Simply plug it in, push the on button, and watch it start cleaning. No need to worry about connecting it into the pool systems or reading an entire user manual. You can run it on the standard 2-hour cleaning cycle or the 1-hour rapid Quick Clean cycle.

The Triton Plus features PowerStream Technology that provides enhanced pin-point turning and climbing abilities for a deeper clean on the pool floor, walls, cove and waterline. The Triton Plus will scan you pool and learn its dimensions, shape, and size in order to most effectively and efficiently maximize the area of coverage. The Advanced Anti-tangle software helps ensure that the 60 ft. cord stays free and clear to ensure complete pool coverage.

The Triton features the well-known PowerStream technology that gives the robot pin-point turning and enhanced climbing abilities for that really deep clean that you’re looking for on the floor of the pools along with the waterline, walls, and cove. The PS Plus goes to work by quickly scanning the pool to learn its shape, its dimensions, and its size. From here it plots a cleaning route to combine effectiveness and efficiency to get the job done. Also utilized is Dolphin’s Advanced Anti-Tangle program that is part of the robot’s operating system. This system works to keep the cord free and clear ensuring no interruption in pool cleaning.

For the ultimate in convenience and connectivity, the Triton PS Plus connects to your smart phone. Using Bluetooth technology, you can actually take full control of your robot to hit any trouble spots within your pools. Gone are the days of your pool robot driving around the bottom of your pool with no direction, or double back on the same wall that it already did. Dolphin technology has smart navigation in place resulting in a complete and total pool clean. Weekly timer cycles including clean every 24 hours, 48 hours, or 72 hours for 3 consecutive cycles.

The  Triton PS Plus boasts one of the largest top load filter basket capacities providing 400 square inches of storage space for debris such as dirt, debris, and leaves. The “PS” in this robot’s name stands for PowerStream which is previously mentioned and is Dolphin’s industry first water jet propulsion system is called. This allows for better waterline and pool surface coverage all around. The Triton PS Plus only costs 5 cents per hour to run and can have the pool clean in as little as 1 hour. It is 8 times for efficient on energy than the average pressure or suction cleaner.

This robot weighs 27 pounds and uses a free water release system allowing water to flow out as you are removing it from the pool. LED forward illumination allows you the ability to see the robot in the pool at night along with easy fix modular technology allowing for easy DIY robot repairs.

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Dolphin Triton PS Plus