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Fiberglass Pool - Empress

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/25/2019

Fiberglass Pool - Empress

Are you looking for a fiberglass pool that takes full advantage of the space available when you really don’t have a lot of space available? Then the Empress (formerly known as the Hubble) Fiberglass pool installed by E-Z Test Pool Supplies is the pool choice for you. Details on the pool are that it’s 12’ wide and 26’ in length while having a water depth of 3’-6” in the shallow end and all of the way up to 5’-8” in the deep end. These are good depths for swimmers of all abilities. The Empress contains 7,600 gallons of water and is a perfect rectangle which means that it can be fitted for an automatic pool cover if you choose. These covers protect the pool, help insulate it, and most importantly protect against children and pets entering the water when they shouldn’t.

Empress has some great features such as a tanning ledge in the shallow end complete with easily accessible stairs on both sides of the shallow end. Because of these stairs being on both sides you can have easy access to the pool regardless of how it’s positioned in your yard. The deeper end of the Empress has convenient bench seating on both sides that allow the middle space to remain open so that one could swim from one side of the pool to the other if they wanted. If all of this sounds great but you’re thinking that you have more space and want a bigger pool, the Gravity model has the same setup only with more room.

This fiberglass pool includes a Sta-Rite variable speed pump, a Sta-Rite 300 square foot filter, a maintenance kit, 2-inch plumbing, water to fill the pool, crane for installation, a robotic pool cleaner and more. The price range largely depends on your selection of some amazing additions like beautiful water features, mood lighting, a pool heater, etc. Fiberglass gives you some great freedoms to customize your pool.

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