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Fiberglass Pool - Gravity

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/28/2019

Fiberglass Pool - Gravity

So, the Gravity model is a couple steps up from the Hubble and the next size up from the Polaris. If you like the design of the Polaris but desire a pool with more room then the Gravity could be your fiberglass pool of choice. It is 16’ wide and 35’ long while holding 15,250 gallons of water. It’s a rectangular pool with considerable size that’s the same width of the Atlas model but not quite as long. A great thing about Fiberglass pools is that they typically have recreational ledges and/or sun shelves built into the sides of them and this Gravity model is no exception. The ledge is located in the shallow end as is two separate sets of stairs so you can still enter and exit efficiently regardless of how the pool is installed in your yard. In the deep end there’s a bench on both sides with access to the main wall in the middle. This configuration is really convenient as it allows for full swimming from one side to the other while also offering multiple places to sit and for kids to swim to. The Gravity is also a rectangle which means that it can be fitted with a stylish automatic cover, keeping heat in and children, pets, and debris out.

The Gravity model has a price range from $52K to $59K. This includes many different things including a variable speed pump, a filter, pool maintenance kit, 2-inch plumbing, vacuum head, center rail and many other things. The beauty of fiberglass is that there are many different options that are additional costs but can be included to truly put together a pool that’s unique and stylish.

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