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Fiberglass Pools Just Make Sense

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 03/14/2019

Fiberglass Pools Just Make Sense

Here Are 8 Reasons Why Fiberglass Pools Just Make Sense...

So, you've been dreaming about putting a pool in your yard for some time, and decided to go in-ground, but suddenly you're hit with a question that maybe you hadn't even thought of...

That question is, " Why not a fiberglass pool? " In fact, it may catch you off balance, because you don't know anyone who has one, don't know where you'd buy one, or who you would ask to get more information.

Dispel the Fiberglass Myths!

Lest you be concerned about negative things you may have heard about fiberglass pools, let's clear the air. Here are 3 myths commonly thrown around about fiberglass pools (sometimes even by pool professionals). Let’s debunk the bunk!

They Look Cheap - Untrue! There are tons of styles, finishes, shapes and options that make these pools truly beautiful and unique.

They Only Work in Warm Climates - Nope! Fiberglass pools will survive & thrive even in cold winter regions. The makeup of the material used for fiberglass has improved greatly over the years. In reality, fiberglass pools flex & move with temperature changes even more than gunite or vinyl liner pools.

They Pop Up Out of the Ground - Absolute hogwash! There's no way that a pool with tons (and tons) of water inside just pops up from the ground. This story is often told by someone from a pool company that doesn't install fiberglass pools. These stories are a lot like urban legends, where the guy it happened to was the neighbor of the owner's brother's third cousin's plumber! Don't believe it. Fiberglass pools stay in place where they are put - proper installation helps too!

Anyway, enough of the myths. Here are 8 excellent reasons to consider a fiberglass pool for your yard.

1. Wide Variety of Options & Looks

Fiberglass pools are anything but plain and boring. Your pool can be specifically tailored to your own desires.Open up the possibilities for relaxation with limitless options such as:

Tanning Ledge

Sun Deck

Attached Hot Tub

Multiple Spillways


Safety Ledge

Ceramic Tile

Colored & Textured Finishes

2. Silky Smooth Pool Surface

These pools are gently smooth to the touch, which has 2 great benefits. Firstly, they are kinder and gentler to your feet and the rest of your body, especially compared to more abrasive gunite pools. Also, an added benefit is also that the smooth surface is not as porous as other types of pools, which translates to much less brushing & considerably lower chemical use required. A major plus is that the smooth surface inhibits algae growth.

3 Lower Cost Over Lifetime of the Pool

Vinyl liner pools require costly liner changes on average every 8-10 years. Gunite pools need resurfacing approximately every 10-15 years. The cost of this adds up! Rarely do fiberglass pools need a local resurfacing or repair. Also, much lower chemical usage over the years will take a massive chunk off the yearly operating costs!

4 Pet Friendly

The family dog can enjoy the swimming pool as well. Tanning ledges and large steps allow for easy access and the fiberglass surface accommodates their paws and claws.

5 Much Less Time for Upkeep Needed

Compared to vinyl liner & gunite pools, fiberglass pools require up to 75% less time needed for maintenance. This is directly related to the smooth surface (mentioned above) - less brushing & vacuuming needed & less chemicals needed. After all you're buying your pool so you can enjoy it, not spend all your time working on it!

6 Enviro-Friendly/Greener Choice

A few key factors make fiberglass pools a greener choice for consumers. Low cost operation, due to less chemical usage, added to the fact that that these pools have long life spans make them very environmentally-friendly. The material & thickness of the shells insulates the pool better than gunite or vinyl pools meaning lower energy usage - this is huge when using a heater.

7 Simpler to Repair

Once again think of the fiberglass boat and how readily scratches and damage can be taken care of. The outer layer of a fiberglass pool is called the gel coat and can be sanded and buffed making the surface quickly like new again.

8 Highly Durable Even Through Temperature Changes

Modern fiberglass pools utilize materials that can readily expand and contract during even the most extreme seasonal changes. Ice formation & movement has little to no effect upon the shell . In fact fiberglass pools are much less likely to suffer damage during winter compared to other construction-type pools.

So, there you have it... 8 reasons why fiberglass pools make a great choice! At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we have been installing only quality in-ground pools for almost 30 years. We still open and close pools we've installed from almost 30 years ago, and we love offering our customers great quality. It is for this reason that we'd love to help you explore the many wonderful options for a beautiful fiberglass pool, from Trilogy Pools. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or in person. You'll be stunned by the options, the look and the many reasons it just makes sense to install a fiberglass in-ground pool for your family. We look forward to hearing from you.   

Keep Swimming!