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Fiberglass vs. Gunite Pools: Who Gets the Check?

Published by Matt Fichera on 01/09/2020

Fiberglass vs. Gunite Pools: Who Gets the Check?

There are definitely differences between fiberglass pools and gunite pools. This blog compares and contrasts the two types and highlights differences. We’ll be discussing different pool qualities across several different categories and answering the question “Who gets the check?”.


Gunite pools are available in any shape you desire. Would you like a dog bone shaped pool? How about swimming in a pool shaped like a guitar? Typically, if you can think of it then it can be built. Fiberglass pools come in pre-cast shapes and sizes. There are many to choose from but unfortunately it isn’t completely custom. Gunite pools get the check in this case.

Initial cost:

A typical initial cost for a gunite pool is around $80,000. A typical average initial cost for a fiberglass pool is around $50,000 with some models even coming in lower than that. Fiberglass pools get the check in this case.

Installation Time:

For installation time, a gunite pool will take anywhere from 3 to 6 months from the first excavation to the finished product. This is because the entire pool is being constructed from scratch in the backyard location. There’re also the customization aspects which may increase the installation time. In comparison, fiberglass pools can be completely installed in just 3 to 6 weeks, allowing you to be enjoying your new investment in a relatively short amount of time. Fiberglass pools get the check in this case.

Smooth Finish:

A gunite pool has a coarse concrete base as a surface that certainly doesn’t feel the best on your feet. A fiberglass pool has a smooth gel coat finish that is easier to stand and maneuver on. Fiberglass pools get the check here.


Gunite pools are constructed with steel enforced concrete while fiberglass pool models are crafted from high quality multilayer molded fiberglass. Both of these construction methods are equally durable and they both get the check.

Chemical Usage:

The materials used in the construction of a gunite pool require consistent water maintenance while the pre-molded surface of the fiberglass pool is inert and requires no upkeep. Fiberglass pools get the check.

Quality Control:

The gunite pool is built on site, therefore the quality of the pool is very dependent on the builder, their experience and their expertise. Fiberglass pools are built in a factory and subjected to many different tests before leaving there which helps to ensure a quality product every time. The fiberglass pool gets the check for this one.

The Verdict:

Although gunite pools are durable and the most customizable, fiberglass pools win on lower overall cost, faster installation time, a smooth gel coat finish, more quality control factors, and less chemical usage over the life of the pool. Fiberglass pools win 6 checks to 2 checks. Hopefully this blog helps you to make the decision between going with a fiberglass pool or a gunite pool. Any further questions? We’d be happy to help! Fill out the form below or contact us here.