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Liquid Solar Pool Covers

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/16/2019

Liquid Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool covers are giant, big, and bulky. They sometimes resemble bubble wrap and are used to trap heat in your pool that comes from the day to day sun. They act like giant blankets that float on the surface of your pool and help to enhance the greenhouse effect. This way, when your pool is in use the water that you are entering is not ice cold. These blankets help to prolong pool season as the days get shorter and the temperature starts to go lower at night.

These blankets are great, at least in theory. A large problem is that they are bulky, bothersome, and a pain to get off when you actually want to use the pool that the blanket is insulating. Combine this with managing and extra debris or added weight on the blanket and it can be a tall task, especially if it’s just one person.

Here’s where liquid solar covers come in. They are truly amazing technology and compromised of a thin layer of alcohol that rises and sits on top of your pool water. All it takes it this thin layer to reduce evaporation which, in turn, decreases heat loss.

Another ingredient is a calcium hydroxide which is both a dispersing agent and a carrier. Looking at it from another angle, the blanket is only one molecule thick. That is all that is takes. This liquid “blanket” is so thin there’s no way you can even feel it.

These liquid mixtures are proudly approved by the EPA and the FDA for use in swimming pools and they are safe to swim in. So, what do you have to lose? The smart answer would be, “only the heat from your pool”.

Here’s a few tips if you choose to ditch the material and go with the liquid:

  • -Purchase enough liquid solar blanket to last you a couple months. How much this actually is depends on the size of your pool. A good budget would be anywhere from $10 to $25 a month based on your pool size.
  • -Get on a regular schedule and add the liquid solar cover at the same time every month. To maximize its effectiveness, it needs to be added monthly.
  • -On the day that you’ve chosen, all you have to do is pour the container’s contents into the pool. At this point, the elements of the blanket will float to the top and bind together to form a “molecular blanket”

So, some people could definitely be skeptical when it comes to this. That’s completely understandable. We’ve done our research and wanted to mention a scientific study that was done involving two clear identical containers, filled them with water and blue food coloring equally, but the difference was that a few drops of liquid solar cover were added to only one container and nothing was added to the other. After 2 days of sitting out all day and all night the container with the added chemical, had more water in it and was a whole 5 degrees warmer than the one without. This is exactly how it is supposed to work on a larger scale.

With the older, traditional blanket you obviously can’t swim while it’s on the pool, but with the liquid solar blanket you most definitely can. The chemicals will separate while the pool is in use and then come back together afterwards. They’re also completely safe for pets and children and if a bit of pool water is ingested it also will not be a big deal. Also, never fear if some of this solar cover makes it into your filtration system as it is also designed to be friendly to all filter setups.

Most of the cover will remain on the surface of your pool even while your water filters through your system. But the small part that does make it into your filtration system will not harm it in any way. Because the microscopic blanket is applied, less water will be lost due to evaporation from the sun and decreasing the water needed to maintain a correctly filled pool. If your pool experiences a heavy bather load you may have to add additional liquid in between cycles. Some trial and error may have to occur in this case.

The reasons to elect using a liquid solar blanket are many. Maintaining a pool is hard work and any advantage that you can gain will make others things cheaper and easier in the long run. Your pool will already be warmer before any pool heater or pump is even turned on and the heat transfer applied will then be retained for a larger amount of time. You will use less energy, save water, become greener, and help to extend pool season. This is a great combination.

We are currently featuring Therma-Swim by N. Jonas.

Another great Liquid Solar Blanket is the SolarPill from NC Brands. These come in two different sizes including a 30K gallon and a 12K gallon. Both are very successful in minimizing daily heat loss that’s due to evaporation by forming that same ultra-thin blanket on the water’s surface that we had previously mentioned. It has a pre-measured and patented delivery system that is designed for a slow release allowing for the filter to expertly move the solar blanket around the pool for optimal coverage. To maintain the water temperature, replace when needed which should be around 30 days.

The pill can be used with all kinds of sanitizers and it is suggested that the returns be angled downwards to decrease movement on the surface of the water as the product is more effective is water that is still. Simply place the Solar Pill in the pool skimmer basket and enjoy warmer pool water for up to 30 days. One Solar Pill treats up to 12,000 gallons for up to 30 days. The Solar Pill will be empty after 1-2 days in the skimmer. Once empty, you can remove the Solar Pill and enjoy its effects for up to 30 days.

Using this product will negate the need to buy a solar pool cover. The Solar Pill inhibits pool water heat loss 24 hours a day. It works at approximately 60% the effectiveness of a conventional plastic solar blanket, at a fraction of the cost and effort. It also helps to reduce chemical loss from within your pool, helping your water chemistry stay balanced and under your control. This thermally insulating liquid blanket releases slowly into your filtration system and forms an invisible coating on the surface of your water, thus preventing evaporation. The SolarPill can be used with traditional chlorine, salt water, and mineral sanitizers.

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