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OnGuard vs. Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets: More Clean For Less Green

Published by Matt Fichera on 04/29/2021

OnGuard vs. Kem-Tek Chlorinating Tablets: More Clean For Less Green

Pandemic conditions, a spike in both pool and spa usage, and many new installations, have caused demand for pool chemicals to skyrocket. To make matters worse, in August of 2020, Hurricane Laura barreled into the Gulf Coast region causing a fire at a chlorine factory. The 3-day fire caused the dramatic loss of 40% of the entire nation’s supply of chlorine. This amount is far too much to be recovered or absorbed going into pool season. So where does this leave pool owners who rely on chlorine tablets to disinfect their pools?  Kem-Tek is a solid well-known brand but it’s also in short supply. With all other things being equal, the OnGuard chlorinating tablets have a higher level of the Trichloro-s triazinetrione (trichlor) active ingredient and overall, can usually be purchased for less money than the Kem-Tek version.

Using chlorine tablets to treat and disinfect your pool is something done with such regularity that you may not even think about it. Keeping pool water healthy for family and friends is definitely a very important aspect of owning a pool. For the time being, chlorine tablets are available but prices have dramatically increased with possible shortages on the horizon. This is causing customers to both stock-pile and look for other brands and alternatives thus ensuring their fun in the sun can actually continue through the entire summer. Two chlorine tablet brands that are available for purchase are Kem-Tek and OnGuard. Despite these products being extremely similar in effectiveness, the market is tending to handle them completely different with availability and price.

Both the  Kem-Tek and OnGuard chlorine tablets work great on small to medium pool sizes along with spas. Disinfecting your pool using tablets is easy, convenient, and effective. Tablets come concentrated for longer-lasting sanitation while also being stabilized which means that the chlorine stands up to the powerful summer sun lessening chlorine loss. Both of these tablets are crafted to resist crumbling and leave a chlorine residual you can count on as they slowly dissolve. They work great when being used with inline chlorinators, Intex pools, floaters, and even automatic chlorination systems. Both brands of tablets are compatible with salt systems which are a very popular alternative to chlorine.

Both tablets are completely soluble, cause no mineral scale buildup, and are highly effective. The biggest difference between the Kem-Tek Chlorine Tablets and the OnGuard Chlorine Tablets is the active ingredient. Both brands are available in the 1.5-pound canister but the Kem-Tek version is 95% trichlor with 85% available chlorine while the OnGuard is 99% trichlor with 90% available chlorine. OnGuard gives you more clean for less green.

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