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Orenda Technologies - Proactive Pool Chemistry

Published by Matt Fichera on 10/09/2020

Orenda Technologies - Proactive Pool Chemistry

Orenda Technologies

Orenda pool products take a different approach to pool care. The products they offer correspond to what they refer to as the “Four Pillars of Proactive Pool Care”. They tend to be narrow on their focus while not carrying algaecides, chlorines, pH control chemicals or anything remotely close. Continue reading to find out why this is.

The four pillars focus on: Calcium and Metal control, Non-living organic waste management, phosphate control, and minimal Cyanuric Acid which they do not offer a product for. Their water treatment products are designed to work in harmony with one another while serving a unique purpose in the swimming pool water chemistry.

So, what is an Orenda pool you may ask? An Orenda pool is one that is full of healthy water with no long-term byproducts, that is managed proactively with minimal chemical use, and practices that are more deliberate. Orenda pools are treated with mindfulness and prevention alongside a solid foundation in science. A pool treated with this system boosts sanitizer efficiency, protects pool surfaces, removes phosphates, and clarifies the water for an extra sparkle and shine.

Orenda products stand out in a crowd as their bottles are distinct and recognizable by design. Products are professional grade and all have the NSF International certification meeting or exceeding certain levels for safety and use. Their testing and standards are among the most stringent in the world.

Orenda’s product formulas are considered strong. Not because their marketing team has defined them this way but because they were originally designed to work with wastewater and other types of industrial water systems. Swimming pools as you can imagine, are a much simpler application for their treatments.

Pool water management and water chemistry tend to be reactive and not proactive. Many industries work in this same way. Take healthcare as an example, where 10% of total costs are for proactive measures like making sure you don’t get illness and disease while 90% is reactive and goes toward reacting to what you have and getting you better. Based on what is sold for products and amount of them in the pool industry it is clear that pool people tend to be reactive. Something that’s true in both the healthcare and swimming pool industry is that it’s more cost effective to prevent a problem than it is to fix it after it gets going.

Orenda takes this idea and runs with it. Taking a minimalist yet proactive approach to water optimization. The Four Pillars of Proactive Pool Care include

Pillar 1

Orenda wants you to understand that calcium in your pool water is not your enemy but in fact it’s your best friend. Calcium actually does good things for pool chemistry. The LSI (Langelier Saturation Index) measures calcium carbonate in the water. Too much of this causes it to fall out of solution as scale and too little means your water is aggressively looking for calcium to consume. Too little causes etching, corrosion on equipment and other issues. When swimming pool calcium is properly balanced other chemistry factors become easier to manage. pH and alkalinity tend to stay more consistent when you predict and control calcium.

Pillar 2

Organic waste that comes from people in the pool is usually handle by chlorine in the process of oxidation except that chlorine doesn’t handle this process very well. It works really well as a sanitizer and a disinfectant but can come up short in the oxidation of waste. With the  Orenda program a more proactive approach is taken against organic bather waste with the use of enzymes to break down this organic matter and devour it. Enzymes do the part where chlorine comes up short leaving chlorine to sanitize.

Pillar 3

Phosphates seem to have come out of nowhere in swimming pools within the past ten years. They are what is called a “micronutrient” and have appeared because water treatment practices include a sequestering agent that is phosphate based and helps protect the infrastructure from scale and corrosion. Yes, this means that phosphates are in fact in the tap water. Well water also has phosphates and they can also be introduced naturally from both the weather and elements are the pool such as mulch and grass. Phosphate removal improves the effectiveness of sanitizer and the quality of the water overall.

Pillar 4

Minimal cyanuric acid protects chlorine from sunlight but over stabilization is becoming a larger issue with sanitization and oxidation being affected. The testing of the water itself can also be impacted and maintaining a good residual chlorine level becomes almost impossible.

Orenda offers the following products

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

SC-1000 Scale and Metal Control

CV-600 Enzyme Water Cleaner

CV-700 Enzyme Water Cleaner + Phosphate Remover

CE-Clarifier + Enzyme

CE-SPA Clarifier

SPA-500 Pre-Drain Spa Scrub

CV-Tile & Filter

E-Z Test Pool Supplies is proud to partner with Orenda and our distributor to offer this line of pool water treatment products. If there’s any questions,  feel free to reach out here.