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PoolStyle Winterizing Kits

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/17/2020

PoolStyle Winterizing Kits

    The steps that you take to winterize your pool will vary depending on the climate and region that you live in. Regardless of location, keys to proper winterizing and pool safety include a dependable pool safety cover as well as quality chemicals for winterizing. Utilizing both of these helps to make spring pool opening a breeze.

    Chemicals you normally find in a  winter pool closing kit for both above and inground pools include an oxidizer and pool shock. Shock without chlorine is used as it is able to kill bacteria and other contaminants without reducing other chemicals effectiveness such as algaecide. Non-chlorine shock also doesn’t bleach the walls of your pool or cause any damage to the liner of the pool if you have one. Oxidizers with no chlorine remove carbon dioxide from the pool water and are released in a “slow” fashion through a chemical floater. Removing carbon dioxide eliminates another main source of food for algae working to stop algae blooms over the winter months.

    Other chemicals traditionally included in a winter kit are stain prevention and algaecide. The algaecides are also usually time-released so that they remain working for the entire winter in conjunction with the pool shock and oxidizer. Stain prevention works by eliminating minerals and metals from the water that build up at the waterline and contribute to unsightly staining.

    PoolStyle offers two different lines of winter kits. The Deluxe and the Premium.

    Deluxe Winter Kits come in both 2-Step and 3-Step boxes. They are easy to use and work to provide clearer water that is clean and ready to go for an easier, quicker pool opening in the spring. The quantity and size of each item included varies by kit. Included with the Deluxe Kits are the following:

    • Winterizing Powder – Helps to provide buffering for the pH and contributes to preventing scale.
    • Stain and Scale Control for Winter – Scale inhibitor, removes and controls stains and other types of deposits that can happen in swimming pools.
    • Non-Chlorinating Shock Oxidizer – This works to maintain water clarity.

    Premium Winter Kits work to treat pools up to 30,000 gallons. The quantity and size of each item included varies by kit. Included with the Premium Kits are the following:

    • 30% Non-Foaming Algaecide.
    • Stain and Scale Control for Winter - Winter Stain & Scale Control is an effective dispersant and scale inhibitor which removes and controls scale, stains and other deposits in swimming pools.
    • Seasonal Finish – Conditions the water for the month where it remains idle. This also works to improve sanitizer effectiveness and clearer water. Safe for use with vinyl liners, gunite, and fiberglass pools.
    • Premium Winter Phosclear – Phosphate removal which is the food source for algae. This drops it to the bottom of the pool.

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