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​The Perfect Time to Embrace Pool Heater Comfort

Published by Anthony on 08/14/2023

​The Perfect Time to Embrace Pool Heater Comfort

The Perfect Time to Embrace Pool Heater Comfort with EZ Pool & Spa Supply

As the warm embrace of summer gives way to the crisp coolness of fall, the thought of continuing your poolside relaxation may seem like an impossible dream. But fear not, for EZ Pool & Spa Supply is here to make sure your aquatic oasis remains a haven of comfort and enjoyment all year round. Today, we're delving into the question on every pool owner's mind: when is the best time to install a gas pool heater or heat pump? Get ready to unlock the secrets to extending your pool season with style and efficiency!

The Power of Pool Heaters

When it comes to extending your swimming season, gas pool heaters and heat pumps emerge as champions of convenience. Each option offers unique advantages, tailored to your preferences and needs.

Propane vs. Natural Gas Heaters

Propane and natural gas heaters are popular choices for those seeking quick heat-up times and reliable performance. Propane heaters provide exceptional portability and can be easily stored when not in use. On the other hand, natural gas heaters offer continuous, cost-effective heating, ideal for larger pools that demand extended warmth. Whichever you choose, EZ Pool & Spa Supply has you covered with a range of trusted brands, including the coveted RaypakPentair, and Hayward options.

Heat Pumps: The Efficient Marvels

For those seeking the pinnacle of energy-efficient pool heating, the heat pump reigns supreme. EZ Pool & Spa Supply proudly presents the Raypak Crosswind series and classic digital heat pumps as ideal solutions for embracing warmth while keeping energy costs in check. Harnessing the power of the environment, heat pumps can deliver up to six times more energy than they consume, making them the eco-conscious pool owner's dream come true.

Pool Size Matters: Sizing Up the BTUs

Finding the perfect heater size (measured in BTUs) is a crucial step in ensuring optimal pool heating. EZ Pool & Spa Supply's expert team excels at matching your pool's dimensions to the ideal heating capacity. With our guidance, you'll find the perfect balance between efficient heating and cost savings. Our professional opinion is to order one size up. It's much better to have more BTUs than you need than not enough!

Raypak's Premier Excellence

As proud Raypak Premier Retailer, EZ Pool & Spa Supply offers an exclusive window into the world of cutting-edge pool heating technology. Among Raypak's offerings, the AVIA line stands out for its advanced features, including the convenience of controlling your heater via a mobile phone app. It's time to experience the future of pool heating at your fingertips!

Customer-Centric Expertise

At EZ Pool & Spa Supply, we take immense pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our knowledgeable team goes the extra mile to recommend the perfect heating solution, taking into account your location, pool type, and size. With over 17,000 verified and trusted 5-star reviews, along with an impressive 4.8 Google rating, our legacy of excellence speaks for itself.

Choose Comfort, Choose EZ Pool & Spa Supply

As autumn leaves begin to fall, don't let the prospect of a chilly pool dissuade you from indulging in your aquatic haven. EZ Pool & Spa Supply's unparalleled expertise, wide selection, and dedication to customer service ensure that your pool heating journey is smooth, efficient, and exhilarating. Embrace the warmth, embrace the comfort, and make the most of every swim—visit today and let the transformation begin!

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