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​Weekly Pool Maintenance Guide

Published by Brooke Sardella on 03/28/2022

​Weekly Pool Maintenance Guide


1. Skim Leaves & Debris

This should be done daily and it is the first step of the weekly swimming pool routine. Clear off any debris from the pool surface with a long-handled leaf skimmer before it sinks to the bottom.

2. Brush Pool Walls

Prevent the spread of algae and green pool water by brushing off the sides of the pool and fixtures like slides and ladders. Brush in a motion towards the main drain so the dirt can be picked up easily.

3. Vacuum the Bottom

Use your automatic or manual vacuum to clean what has sunk to the bottom of the pool. If you have a robotic pool cleaner, this means you can skip steps 2-3 to sit back and relax!

4. Clean Skimmer Basket

Regularly cleaning your skimmer allows it to work efficiently. Check your skimmer each time you skim the top of the pool and make sure it is clean. Also, check that the water level is halfway up the skimmer.

5. Check the Filter

Clean your filter according to the manufacturer's directions and backwash if needed, or when the filter gauge reads 8-10 psi.

6. Test Water

Test your pools water with a kit or test strips and add the necessary chemicals.

This is a good time to shock your pool if needed to kill off any bacterial or dirt that could have gotten in after a weekend pool party!

7. Run Your Pump

Run the pump for 8-12 hours per day to keep your pool water circulating and filtering properly. The easiest way to keep your water flowing is with a Variable Speed Pump, which is set to different speeds depending on how your pool is being used. These pumps will save you money in the long run and prevent water from becoming stagnant.

Regularly maintaining your pool is the best way to protect your investment and enjoy your swimming pool for years to come! Here at E- Test Pool Supplies, we have everything you need to take care of your pool and tons of helpful blog posts and videos to DIY and learn more about pool care!