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Who Are the Other Top 4 Pool Installation Companies In Southern New Hampshire & Merrimack Valley Area?

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 02/21/2019

Who Are the Other Top 4 Pool Installation Companies In Southern New Hampshire & Merrimack Valley Area?

Installing an inground pool is not a simple job , especially in the rocky ground of New England! Multiple potential concerns stand in the way of even the most accomplished pool builders – poor or limited yard access to large equipment, uneven terrain, boulders, low overhead utility wires , chronically wet areas, large trees and stumps needing removal, ledge underground requiring blasting , poor fill left behind by builders that is unsuitable for pool construction, high water table...and the list goes on!

The list of possible concerns and problems is sobering, which is why this is not the business for an inexperienced company!

We at  E-Z Test Pool Supplies have been in the business since 1989, and our 2 owners (brothers David & Patrick O’Keefe) have over 65 years combined experience in the field. In the years that we’ve been in this business, many companies have come and gone.

We know the issues that can and do arise in the process of installation, and are already prepared for them. We also know the questions, and naturally expect that you the customer will have many when deciding which company is right for the job.

We fully realize that customer questions (and the answers they receive) are vital to the decision process, and for this reason much prefer to be straightforward in our answers.

One such question was asked not too long ago by one of our customers, which they probably didn’t expect us to answer, or at least with the directness that they received. That question was:

“If I don’t choose your company, which of your competitors would you recommend?”

Believe it or not it was one of the best questions we’ve been asked!

And the reason why that was such a great question is because we knew if we were in their position, we too would only want knowledgeable, experienced, ethical, professional pool builders with a solid reputation in our yard. There are simply too many factors left to chance!

And so to answer that question fairly, we consider the following pool installers to be the top 4 of our competitors in the business in the Massachusetts/New Hampshire lower Merrimack Valley area.

Here’s the list in no particular order:

  1. Family Pools of Lawrence, Massachusetts and Kingston, New Hampshire – A large vinyl pool installation company since 1978, they also perform pool openings, closings and restoration.
  2. Swimming Pool Center located in both Lawrence, Massachusetts and Hampstead, New Hampshire . This company has been in business for an impressive 60 years, installs a huge number of vinyl liners, offers service, and performs repairs and restoration.
  3. The Pool Doctor – Operating out of Hampstead, New Hampshire, this family owned business since 1988 has a very large vinyl liner pool installation base.
  4. Daigle Pools – Based in Londonderry, New Hampshire, this company, although installing pools only since 2005, still produces a lot of quality inground vinyl liner pools.

In the spirit of transparency and openness, we believe we owe it to our customers to give them all of the information needed to help them decide. We also prefer to be straight with you and not pretend that we don’t have competitors, or not know who they are.