CMI 3' Wide X 100' Long Copper Equipotential Bonding Grid With Kit, EB3100

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Equipotential Bonding Grid Kit

The CMI EB3100 3' Wide X 100' Long Copper Equipotential Bonding Grid w/Kit is a bonding grid kit that will protect your deck with proper equipotential bonding to comply with Utility Industry requirements. It is recommended to be used underneath the paved surface 3 feet out from the inside edge of the pool. This product already includes - 1 JRD Rebar clamps with each clamp being UL-Listed for 2 # 8 Bond wires, 17 #8 Split Bolts for connecting four corners and secure each side to the Rebar Clamp for Direct Burial, and 16 Metal Stakes that will hold the grid in place so one person can roll it out. The Copper EquiBond Grid System has a size of 3-foot by 100-foot roll which is all made from exothermically welded #8 Solid Copper with 12-inch spacing on the grid. When using a 12-inch beam on the pool edge, the 2-inch wide roll provides a total of 3-foot from the edge of the pool. When less than a 12-inch beam is used, the 3-foot wide roll is required.

It also meets section 680.26(C) of the NEC standard. Use this to protect yourself and your loved ones against any Lethal Stray Voltage that can occur anywhere.