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Leisure Time 32 Oz. Spa Algaecide, Q

Leisure Time 32 Oz. Spa Algaecide, Q

Mfg #: Q

SKU: LST-50-898

UPC: 785336303802

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Leisure Time Q Spa Algaecide; 1 qt Bottle

The Spa Algaecide will help to eliminate visible algae growth, slimy walls and also help prevent algae build-up in hot tubs. The formula is non-foaming, compatible with most chemical systems and will not damage spa surfaces.

Leisure Time Spa Algaecide 32 Oz is a powerful algaecide designed to control and prevent the growth of algae in hot tubs and spas. Its concentrated formula is effective against all types of algae, including green, black, and mustard algae.

The algaecide is easy to use and can be added directly to the hot tub or spa water. It is also safe to use with all types of hot tub surfaces and sanitizers, and it will not stain or discolor hot tub water.

One of the benefits of Leisure Time Spa Algaecide is that it is long-lasting, meaning it can prevent the growth of algae for up to three months with a single treatment. This helps to reduce the need for frequent algaecide applications and keeps hot tub water clear and healthy.