Polaris 39-300 Water Management Assembly w/ O-Ring

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39-300 |
POL-201-4910 |
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Polaris 39-300 Water Management Assembly w/ O-Ring

Zodiac 39-300 WMS Assembly with O-Ring For Polaris 3900 Sport Pool Cleaner

This WMS assembly is the most important feature of this cleaner. This part uses the water that comes from the return line and disperses it through 3 water jets that are above the center opening. This creates a water vortex that sucks up dirt, debris, and other forms of mulch off your pool's surface and into the superbag above the cleaner. This part is black and can be found in the bottom housing next to the gearbox assembly or again above the center opening on the bottom of the cleaner. One great troubleshooting tip, if the cleaner is not moving or operating incorrectly, could be due to the water jets on the WMS being clogged. You can take a fine object like a paper clip or pin and simply inject it into the jets. Moving it around in a circular motion and then running water through them via a garden hose or the hose from a kitchen sink. This clears out any build-up of deposits which should return the power to the cleaner, allowing it to operate properly.

Used On

  • Polaris 3900 Sport Automatic Pool Cleaners
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