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Orenda 16 Oz. Phosphate Remover, PR-10000A-PT

Orenda 16 Oz. Phosphate Remover, PR-10000A-PT

Mfg #: PR-10000A-PT

SKU: PR-10000A-PT

UPC: 898880001299

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Orenda Phosphate Remover 16 Oz, PR-10000A-PT

PR-10,000 is a highly concentrated solution formulated to react with phosphates in swimming pool water. It only takes 10 ounces of PR-10,000 to remove 2000+ ppb of phosphates per 10,000 gallons of water.

Phosphate Remover Concentrate

  • Removes phosphates on contact
  • Concentrated formula
  • Compatible with all chlorine types
  • NSF/ANSI Standard 50 Certified, non-toxic, non-hazardous

PR-10,000 is known in the pool industry for its strength and concentration. It reacts with phosphates immediately on contact, and flocs them out of solution to be vacuumed or filtered out of the pool. PR-10,000 is an NSF/ANSI 50 Certified phosphate remover designed for water with the most challenging phosphate issues. It is a rare-earth mineral formula, 100% mined and blended in the USA. PR-10,000 is powerful enough that it may only need to be used once a year. The formula will never be watered down, and the product's effectiveness speaks for itself.

How to use PR-10,000

We recommend not exceeding 8 fl. oz. / 10,000 gallons for a normal treatment unless otherwise specified. This is recommended because of the impact on filter pressure. When phosphates are removed, there is a fine precipitate that falls out of solution. Too much precipitate at one time can cause high pressure in filters.

PRO TIP: You can complement the PR-10,000 with CE-Clarifier to help filter out precipitate faster.

PRO TIP 2: If your pool is cloudy/dirty enough that you cannot see the main drain at the bottom of the pool, do not use PR-10,000 without also purging with CV-600 or CV-700 enzymes. It may not be enough to clear the pool. If there are enough oils and organics in the water, those oils will float and can stick to the falling PR-10,000 fallout dust. This means the dust can stay suspended in the water for days instead of clearing overnight. Enzymes accelerate the clearing of a problem pool.