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Pentair Air Bleeder O-Ring, 154661

Pentair Air Bleeder O-Ring, 154661

Mfg #: 154661

SKU: 154661

UPC: 788379693664

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Pentair 154661 O-Ring For Triton II Sand Filter Model TR100 and TR140; Air Bleeder Adapter

Used On  

  • Pentair PacFab Triton II Sand Filters
    • TR100
    • TR140

The Pentair Air Bleeder O-Ring, 154661 is a small, but important part of your pool filter. It helps to create a seal between the air bleeder and the filter housing, preventing air from escaping and water from getting in. If the O-ring is damaged or missing, your filter will not work properly.

The Pentair Air Bleeder O-Ring, 154661 is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last for many years. It is easy to install and replace, and it is a relatively inexpensive part. If you are having problems with your pool filter, it is a good idea to check the O-ring. If it is damaged or missing, replacing it may solve the problem.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Designed to last for many years
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Relatively inexpensive part