Taylor Visual Determination Cyanuric Acid Test Kit Turbidimetric, K-1720

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K-1720 |
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This is a Taylor Visual Cyanuric Acid Pool Test Kit. The K-1720 Kit tests for Cyanuric Acid using a visual determination system and turbidimetric method.

One of the most common chemicals used for the prevention of chlorine loss in swimming pools is Cyanuric Acid (also called CYA, Conditioner, or Stabilizer); it protects the free chlorine from being destroyed by the sun ultraviolet rays. If cyanuric acid is present in the water in sufficient levels, less chlorine degradation occurs. Keeping chlorine in the water longer will help to protect the swimmers in the pool.

All Taylor kit cases are made of molded polypropylene for durability. Most specialty kits come with handles.

Cyanuric Acid: 20-100 ppm
Reagents are 2 oz
Reagents: (4) R-0013-A Cyanuric Acid

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