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GLI Safety Covers

Published by Brooke Sardella on 06/16/2022

GLI Safety Covers

What if you could have a 24/7 lifeguard at your pool in the off-season? They would be able to protect the pool from children, pets, and other damage to the pool. Well, there is no need to hire anyone because a safety cover can do just that!

Safety covers from GLI are used in the off-season to protect your pool from unwanted visitors, prevent algae, and protect the pool from damage during storms. We carry many types of safety covers to fit in-ground pools with a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes!

Pool Safety Covers


Secur-A-Pool® safety covers are renowned in the industry for their strength, durability, and ease of installation. It is a maintenance-free cover that provides pool owners peace of mind that their pool is not only protected against the elements but will not pose a danger to unexpected visitors.


  • The new, improved, and increased weave count contained within our polypropylene mesh fabric ensures added strength, sustainability, and shading protection.
  • Contains a patented mesh material blend, which eliminates any standing water hazards by allowing water and melting snow to drain through while minimizing damage risk, as well.
  • Automatically screens out dirt and debris for quick, easy, and fuss-free springtime opening.
  • Created with the finest materials in the industry for strong, safety-first protective results.
  • The tamper-proof design prevents entry without an installation rod, while still allowing for installation and removal in mere minutes.


ProMesh covers are a state-of-the-art cover material that provides solid coverage benefits without any added weight. ProMesh covers come standard with commercial-grade springs on all custom covers, providing tighter, stronger security for your pool.


  • Construction of mesh with a unique weave of polypropylene material that blocks out algae-producing UV rays and resulting in making springtime pool opening a snap!
  • A tight mesh material that allows water to drain from the surface, easily filtering out dirt, leaves, and debris!
  • A fabric, which is nearly 50% lighter than solid covers for easier installation, removal, and storage.
  • ProMesh features an extra-strength material that has greater tear-resistance and tougher winter wear-ability which is ideal for both commercial and residential use.
  • These covers utilize standard, commercial-grade springs for the ultimate security.

With either of these safety covers, they are going to be installed using a spring and anchor system on your pool's patio. You will need to purchase an anchor removal kit in order to take the over on and off through the years.

With a variety of options for your pool's size, shape, and color, a GLI safety cover is the best way to protect your pool. You can find the perfect cover for your pool here.