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GLI Brass Anchor Removal Kit, 99-20-9100020

GLI Brass Anchor Removal Kit, 99-20-9100020

Mfg #: 99-20-9100020

SKU: 99-20-9100020

UPC: 60993012497

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Are Your Brass Safety Cover Anchors Giving You Trouble? Maybe they won’t come up, won’t turn down, or just spin in the hole forever? A Brass Anchor Removal Kit allows you to replace your stuck anchor in minutes!

The GLI Brass Anchor Removal Kit, 99-20-9100020 comes with the following items:

  • Drill Bit
  • Tap Tool
  • Threaded Bolt
  • Sleeve
  • Flat Plate
  • Nut



8 Reviews

  • Posted by Eric on 05/14/2022


    Anchor removal kit

    Outstanding! Has made my life so much easier and so much cheaper since purchasing as now I can handle my stripped anchors on my own and quickly. Customer service was fantastic.

  • Posted by Hugh Eisele on 10/26/2021


    Anchor removal kit

    Great service. Great tool

  • Posted by Jacob M. on 10/14/2021


    Brass Anchor Removal Kit

    Changing my pool safety cover to a new brand and I needed this to remove the old brass anchors. It was easy to use and worked fine.

  • Posted by Taylor Barrett on 09/08/2021


    Life Saver

    I bought this kit and removed the brass anchors myself. The pool guy wanted over $1,200 to do it. Thanks E-Z Test!

  • Posted by Stephen Mitchell on 07/30/2021


    Removal Tool for pool safety cover anchors

    This is a great product. I literally replace 12 brass anchors that were stripped for my safety cover. I highly recommend this product. Made my life a whole lot easier with these items.

  • Posted by Eric Bader on 11/10/2020


    Worked great!

    This set worked great. So happy I bought it. Definitely worth it.

  • Posted by Nicholas Garn on 10/17/2019


    Great product

    It completed the job and I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get it fixed.

  • Posted by Jim in NH on 09/05/2019


    A MUST HAVE TOOL if you have safety cover with brass anchors!

    Makes it incredibly easy to replace damaged/worn brass anchors. Just drill into brass anchor. Use the tap to create threads in the hole you drilled. Insert the threaded rod into the brass anchor. Place metal ring around anchor, then place metal plate onto threaded rod. Tighten the included nut on the rod and it slowly pulls out the old anchor from cement. Really simple and does a perfect job every time. I replaced six anchors in under 45 mins. Just be sure you purchase a brass anchor tamp tool (odd that EZ test doesn't carry them).