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Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters: A Great Way to Keep Your Pool Clean

Published by Anthony on 06/16/2023

Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters: A Great Way to Keep Your Pool Clean

Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters: A Great Way to Keep Your Pool Clean

If you're looking for a way to keep your pool clean and clear, look no further than the Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filter. These filters are designed to capture dirt, debris, and algae, leaving your pool water sparkling and inviting. With it’s super durable design and multi-element cartridge filtration, your pool will not only be crystal clear, but easy to maintain as well.

Benefits of Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters

Hayward SwimClear Filter

There are many benefits to using Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters, including:

  • Superior filtration: These filters use a top manifold design that provides excellent filtration and hydraulic performance. This means that your pool water will be cleaner and clearer than ever before.
  • No backwashing required: Backwashing is a time-consuming and messy process. With Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters, you can eliminate backwashing altogether, saving you time and water.
  • Easy to clean: The cartridges in these filters are easy to remove and clean. Simply rinse them off with a hose, and they're good to go.
  • Durable construction: These filters are made from durable materials that can withstand the elements. They're also backed by a 2-year warranty.

Different Sizes Available

Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters are available in a variety of sizes to fit any pool. You can choose from 225, 325, 425, 525, and 700 square feet of filtration area. The only sizes available to purchas online are the SwimClear 325 (W3C3030), SwimClear 425 (W3C4030), and SwimClear 525 (W3C5030).

Not sure what size is best for you? Call or email our support team to discuss the type and size of pool you have, where you live, and other factors that might impact the size of filter you need. The SwimClear filters are specifically designed for residential and commercial in-ground swimming pools and in-ground pool and spa combinations.


Featuring an assembly of reusable polyester cartridge elements with precision-engineered cores, SwimClear multi-element cartridge filters provide heavy-duty dirt-holding capacity and extra-long filter cycles. In fact, as the industry's largest filter, the C7030 model offers the longest time possible between cleanings. SwimClear filters' top manifold configuration boasts industry-leading hydraulic performance, facilitating maximum flow through all cartridge elements for superior water clarity and increased energy savings.

  • Reinforced co-polymer tank is durable enough to withstand tough environmental conditions.
  • Low-profile tank base makes removal of cartridge elements fast and simple.
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-proof, one-piece clamp provides quick access to internal components without disturbing plumbing connections.
  • CPVC 2" or 2-1/2" union connections provide maximum hydraulic performance with 2" plumbing


Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters are easy to install. Simply follow the instructions that come with your filter.


If you're looking for a way to keep your pool clean and clear, Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters are the perfect solution. These filters are easy to use, durable, and backed by a warranty. What more could you ask for?

To learn more about Hayward SwimClear Cartridge Filters, visit our website or contact us today.