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Strong Spas – Elements Series

Published by Matt Fichera on 08/30/2019

Strong Spas – Elements Series

Strong Spas is our spa of choice. From an earlier blog, you’ve gotten to see why we’ve chosen to partner with this amazing company. The Elements series is full of brilliant innovation and sits at the top of its class. This top of the line series features six different models each with different jet counts, seating arrangements, spa dimensions, and capacities. All Elements Series Spas come with a 10-year warranty.

Some features of the Strong Spas Elements series include both the Dura-Shield and Dura-Base, Automotive Grade finishes, StrongTouch Touchscreen, Energy Pump, SoftTouch LED Insignia Pillows, LED Exterior Cabinet Lighting, LED Water Columns, LED cup holders. It is very safe to say that the Elements series doesn’t disappoint.

The DURA-SHIELD™ ULTRA-STRONG has answered the call for a longer lasting spa. This hard cover really is something to see and when featured on an Elements Series Spa, makes it even better if that’s possible. The hard cover is crafted with a patented technology that takes specialized resin which is molded hollow and then is completely filled with a proprietary foam. The hard cover that is created is by far the best in its class for both appeal and durability. It’s so good you could literally stand on it and it both support your weight and protect the spa. The hard cover even helps with the spa retaining an R-value, maintaining heat and saving you money in the long run.


This base is famous on  Strong Spas Elements Series. Its signature design is impervious to things like bothersome pests, lousy rotting, rusting, and cracking. Just like the cover, the base also works to retain heat and recycle it, helping to alleviate both time and money spent on energy costs. The base really helps the spa to be placed, requires zero maintenance and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Yes, you read that correctly, the base of the Strong Spa is guaranteed for life!

LED Ambient Lighting

LED ambient lighting is a primary feature on all ELEMENTS spa models. These extras create a relaxing yet sophisticated atmosphere when resting in the hot tub. From the waterfall to the 16 points of exterior LED light, to LED jets to cupholders – these features are multi-colored to create a visibly strong light show both during the daytime and evening.

LED Underwater light with textured footwell and LED Cup Holders

Safety is as high a priority as creating the ultimate luxury experience. One powerful LED light that sits underwater will fill ambient light over a textured footwell to ensure safety when entering and exiting the spa. LED cup holders add that little extra level of sophistication when entertaining those you love to be surrounded by.

Additional Features

The StrongTouch Touch Screen gives you total control of your spa literally right at your fingertips. It’s powered by a 400 MHz processor and it features a color screen measuring in at 4.3 inches. Controlling your hot tub really is a breeze.

The SoftTouch LED Insignia Headrests are just as soft as their name and are set aglow with LED lights. This is a really nice touch that helps give the spa and your experience in it, that little extra.

With cabinet corner names such as: Bristol Brown, Diamond White, Carbon Fiber, and Black Onyx combined with cabinet sides like: Coastal Gray, Mocha Brown, Brushed Nickel, and Outerbanks, there’s really some sharp looking color combinations that you can put together to help your spa be unique and stand out.


The  Elements Series gives you the ability to control the water flow’s power assisting in hydrotherapy for care of sore muscles. There’s a wide variety of jets which are also strategically placed and designed with hydrotherapy in mind. Each jet is lines with a stainless-steel surround for an added look of distinction while delivering ultra-massage and relief.

Available Upgrades

Whichever Elements model you chose to go with will also have several upgrade options. These choices include:

UV – Sanitization system that helps kill bacteria by bombarding the spa water with o-zone, which in-turn lessens chemical use, lets the ozone do the heavy lifting and cuts down on chemical costs overall.

WiFi – Automation for your Strong Spa! Using the phone app, check-in with your spa on the way home from work and select the temperature that you want, or get a status before the big weekend party.

Stereo – Who doesn’t love music? Play some relaxing tunes after a stressful day or rock out during the neighborhood gathering. Whatever the case is, music always helps set the scene and, in these spas, comes a marine grade BLUETOOTH sound system. This sound system includes a subwoofer and speakers built into the shell allowing for total sound control when you want it.

Fully Automated DURA-SHIELD™ - Effortless! Turn the key and watch what happens! Strong Spas newly engineered Full-Automated DURA-SHIELD HardCover offers same great features as our DURA-SHIELD HardCover with Ultra-Strong CoverLifter with one exciting difference! With absolutely no effort, your spa is open and ready for relaxation! And at the end of a luxurious soak, just turn the key again and your spa environment is fully protected. We bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this…

We would love the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us today or stop into one of our retail locations to see a display model. We would be happy to answer any questions and talk about a new spa.