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Just How Much Will It Cost to Install a Radiant Pool?

Published by E-Z Test Pool Supplies on 04/01/2019

Just How Much Will It Cost to Install a Radiant Pool?

So you’ve done your research on  Radiant Pools and now you’re prepared to go to the next stage and figure out just what it will cost you. The problem is most pool retailers may give you a price on a specific size and won’t necessarily tell you installed pricing (both  above ground pools and in-ground pools), unless you come into the store to discuss. So what’s the big mystery? It can feel a bit like visiting a used car dealership at times!

At E-Z Test Pool Supplies we want to take the mystery out of the process and just give you the pricing up-front so you can know exactly what you’re in for when it comes to pricing. I know…weird huh? We’re like that.

If you’ve been researching this you are finding out just how beautiful, versatile, and rugged  Radiant Pools are.

The highlights on Radiant Pools are –

  • Structural Integrity - Two outer layers of acrylic coated aluminum sandwiched over a 2” core of EPS (expanded polystyrene) form a composite structure that is stronger than 12 inches of concrete. This really is the last pool you’ll ever need to buy.
  • Limitless Installation Options – Can be installed above ground, fully in-ground, or semi-in-ground (even with one side in-ground and the other wall fully or partially exposed.
  • Fully Transferable Lifetime Warranty – This pool’s design is so durable and so rugged that Radiant offers a full lifetime warranty that can be passed on even if you sell your pool after using it for years.  Radiant Pools even offers coverage against winter damage – this is something that no other above ground pool manufacturer will do.
  • Built In Heat Retention – The 2” expandable polystyrene (EPS) core not only contributes to the composite structure strength, but it also has the added benefit of retaining heat that is normally lost through the walls. This is huge if you’re going to be running a heater or heat pump!

And since we know that your next step is to find out pricing not just of the pool itself but what it will cost you fully installed into your backyard. Keep in mind that when installing a pool, there are options you may choose to add (such as various heating solutions, fencing, coping options, filter types, and entry options). The pricing below will get you a solid idea on range of options and take away much of the mystery that might be out there. So here we go on the most common sizes and shapes for the 2022 pool season –


  • 18’ Round Pool $10K - $24K
  • 24’ Round Pool $11K - $25K
  • 16’X24’ Oval Pool $13K -$29K
  • 18’X30’ Free Form Pool $16K - $33K


  • 18’ Round Pool $23K - $37K
  • 24’ Round Pool $24K - $41K
  • 16’X24’ Oval Pool $28K - $44K
  • 18’X34’ Oval Pool $35K - $50K
  • 18’X30’ Free Form Pool $33K - $49K

As you can see, if you’ve checked around on pricing, quality of product and installation you’ll see the savings and value in  Radiant Pools, both in-ground and above ground. E-Z Test Pools also offers 18 month 0% interest through Wells Fargo Financing, We look forward to working with you!