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Radiant pools are known for their versatility and durability starting with walls that are an incredible 2” thick. Built with multiple aluminum sheets, an inner core of polystyrene and a network of interlocking exterior panels, these pools are truly unlike anything else in the industry.

The rugged construction method used to produce this quality product is the exact same process that is used to build the exterior of jet planes. It’s because of this, that these pools stand up to the brutal New England winters and aren’t faced with any type of rot over time like lower tier rolled wall pools could be. The method of construction used practically makes the pool walls indestructible allowing them to still be standing in 35 to 50 years if you wanted them to be.

Radiant proudly offers a lifetime warranty which is fully transferable and also covers against any damage that could be sustained in the winter months or manufacturing defects. An amazing aspect of this warranty is that if you sell your home or sell only the pool itself, then the warranty transfers to the new owner and they too, are issued a lifetime warranty certificate. You will not find anything comparable to this when you look at any rolled wall pools currently on the market.

Another very convenient feature of Radiant models is that they are highly versatile. They can be constructed in oval and round sizes, rectangle, Grecian, and there’s even some great free-form options as well. The composite materials used are rust-free allowing for it to be setup in virtually any way possible. It can be installed completely above ground, partially buried or also fully inground. There are also many different choices for liners and wall patterns that allow you to really add a unique look and style to your investment.

For yards where leveling the ground is simply not an option they can be installed into the ground at differing degrees. Two-inch thick wall panels with an inner core do more than just make the pool strong. They also naturally retain water heat better.

Radiant pools offer incredible features and benefits that you won’t find in any other pool. Please feel free to give us a call, contact us, or stop in to one of our three retail store locations today and speak with a Pool Specialist who can discuss the many options and answer any questions or concerns. We've been helping home owners with the purchase, installation, and maintenance of their pools since 1989, and we would love to welcome you to our family of happy pool owners!

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