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Choosing an inground pool adds value to your property but more importantly adds enjoyment to your life at home. They’re refreshing and relaxing on a hot day, the center of a barbecue on summer weekends, or any time in between, an inground pool is a great investment. They help transform your backyard into a special place where during those cherished summer months, good times are had and memories are made. A pool can be both a backdrop and a focal point, where family bonds are enriched and friendships are strengthened.

Inground pools are available in three types: fiberglass, vinyl, and gunite/concrete. While having similar installation costs, fiberglass and vinyl are considerably less expensive over time than the gunite option. It is because of this, that we are proud to sell and install both fiberglass and vinyl pools as they provide the best value to our customers in the long run.

One of the biggest reasons why fiberglass and vinyl are easier to work with and maintain comes down to the surface that is in contact with the pool water. The fiberglass surface as well as the vinyl material stand up very well to their environment. The outer layer of the fiberglass, often referred to as the “gelcoat” is basically non-porous while the rough, outer surface of a gunite pool has many bumps and tends to be extremely porous. These bumps create spaces for algae to continuously grow which in turn, makes maintaining your investment more difficult.

It is very typical for concrete pools to need brushing every week and for the use and cost of chemicals to be more than fiberglass over time because of the need to get into the pores and keep algae at bay. The concrete surface of the gunite pool is also alkaline based which continuously increases the pH level of the pool. The fiberglass surface of a pool is inert and nothing sticks to it. Concrete pools also require daily doses of muriatic acid to lower the pH of the water.

Another great thing about a fiberglass pool is that the shell is manufactured and delivered to your home which allows installation to occur in a short amount of time. When you compare this to an installation time of 3 to 6 months for a gunite pool.

Click on the pools below to learn more, or visit one of our 3 stores to talk with a Pool Specialist about the best option for your yard and budget. We believe that your backyard and your swimming pool are extensions of your home, so let’s make sure your vision becomes a reality!

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