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​Chlorine Prices 2022

Published by Brooke Sardella on 01/28/2022

​Chlorine Prices 2022

OnGuard Chlorine Tablets Sale

Chlorine Prices 2022

Many factors contribute to the prices of chlorine going into the 2022 pool season. As you may know, a mass  chlorine shortage has been occurring for the past few years. This is mainly due to more properties installing pools, on top of multiple chlorine factories in the U.S. experiencing devastating fires; most recently the pool chemical plant located in Passaic, New Jersey on Jan. 15. These factors all lead to expected rising prices in 2022, potentially beyond last year's prices. Customers in Costco have already begun to see price increases of 46% on Clorox tabs in their local stores.

Here at E-Z Test, we carry multiple brands of chlorine tablets even throughout this shortage. If you typically use  Kem-Tek chlorine tabs in the past, you must know this product is expected to be out of stock this year due to the shortages. On the bright side, OnGuard tablets are an equivalent substitute to Kem-Tek and will be in stock all year long! To learn more about OnGuard, visit our blog post where we break down the differences between these two products.

To address the chlorine shortage further, there are other chlorine alternatives for maintaining your pool such as using a salt-chlorine generator or other sanitizing systems. It is also great news that the BioGuard chlorine plant which burnt down last August due to Hurricane Laura is being rebuilt and is expected to open in the Spring of 2022 with 30% more capacity. You can stay up to date with current pool news by subscribing to our email list and checking our blog! Also, remember to check our in-stock OnGuard chlorine products so you don't miss a beat this pool season.