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Winter Woes: Battling Algae in Your Pool with EZ Pool & Spa Supply

Published by Anthony on 10/06/2023

Winter Woes: Battling Algae in Your Pool with EZ Pool & Spa Supply

Winter is just around the corner, and while you might be getting ready to put on your cozy sweaters and sip on hot cocoa, your swimming pool could be facing a very different issue – algae invasion! Algae can be a pesky problem that can turn your pristine pool into a slimy, green mess. But fear not, because  EZ Pool & Spa Supply is here to save the day with the ultimate algae-fighting solutions. In this blog, we'll dive into the different types of algae commonly found in pools, discuss how to remove them if they form during the winter, and share some essential tips on preventing algae growth in the first place.

The Algae Trio: Yellow, Black, and Green

Before we talk about how to tackle these stubborn aquatic plants, let's get to know them a little better.

  1. Yellow (Mustard) Algae: Yellow algae, often referred to as mustard algae, is notorious for its mustard-like appearance and its fondness for shaded areas. It can easily be mistaken for dirt or debris due to its slimy texture. This sneaky algae tends to lurk in the corners of your pool, making it a real pain to get rid of.
  2. Black Algae: Black algae is the pool's equivalent of a horror movie villain. It's dark, rooted deep within your pool's surfaces, and highly resistant to treatment. Black algae forms stubborn, dark patches on your pool walls and floor, making it one of the most challenging types to combat.
  3. Green Algae: Green algae is the most common and recognizable type. It turns your pool water a murky green, creating a less-than-inviting swimming environment. While it's not as resistant as black algae, it can still be a hassle to remove if left unchecked.

Removing Algae During Winter

Now that we're acquainted with our algae foes, let's talk about how to defeat them when they decide to crash your winter pool party.

When the temperatures drop and pool usage decreases, algae can still thrive in your pool if you don't take precautions. This is where algaecides come into play. EZ Pool & Spa Supply offers a range of algaecides formulated to be long-lasting and rated for winter use. These products will help prevent algae growth and keep your pool sparkling clean even during the coldest months.

We highly recommend the following three products:

  1. Algicil 30 Algaecide: This powerful algaecide is your go-to solution for fighting algae all year round. It effectively eliminates yellow, black, and green algae while preventing their return. Say goodbye to mustard, black, or green pool woes! Learn more
  2. EasyCare PoolTec Multi-Task Algaecide: The EasyCare PoolTec Multi-Task Algaecide is a versatile solution for tackling algae problems. It not only kills existing algae but also prevents regrowth, keeping your pool algae-free for longer. Learn more
  3. SeaKlear 90-Day Algae Prevention Remover: If you're looking for a long-lasting algae prevention solution, look no further than SeaKlear. This product keeps your pool algae-free for up to 90 days, ensuring a hassle-free winter season. Learn more

Preventing Algae Growth When Closing Your Pool

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this holds true when it comes to algae prevention. Here are some tips to keep algae at bay when closing your pool in the fall:

  1. Clean Your Pool Thoroughly: Before closing your pool for the winter, make sure it's spotlessly clean. Vacuum the pool, scrub the walls, and remove any debris or leaves that could provide a breeding ground for algae.
  2. Balance the Water: Ensure that your pool water is properly balanced with the right pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. This will create an environment less conducive to algae growth.
  3. Use Mesh Safety Covers and Leaf Nets: Mesh safety covers and leaf nets are your allies in keeping leaves and debris out of the pool water. Leaves are a common food source for algae, so keeping them out is essential.
  4. Use an Effective Closing Kit: Closing kits, also referred to as winterizing kits or winter kits, are specially designed to keep contaminants from wreaking havoc on your pool water during the winter. Most will include an algaecide and shock or some type of combination that is rated for your size swimming pool. Some are deigned for pools with safety covers, some are designed for above ground pools, and some are rated for everything in between.

Our Top Picks for Pool Winterizing Kits

  1. Enjoy Opening & Closing Kit, K3903-1
  2. Safe-T-Zone Winterizing Kit for Mesh Covered Pools 30,000 Gallon, 2683
  3. OnGuard Pool Winterizing / Closing Kit Up To 30,000 Gallons, K26003
  4. OnGuard Pool Winterizing / Closing Kit Up To 15,000 Gallons, K26002
  5. SeaKlear Opening & Winterizing Kit, 90243SKR


Winter might be coming, but that doesn't mean you have to let algae take over your swimming pool. With EZ Pool & Spa Supply's top-notch algaecides and some preventative measures, you can enjoy a pristine pool all year round. Say goodbye to mustard, black, and green algae, and say hello to a refreshing start to your next pool season!

Don't wait for the algae to strike – visit EZ Pool & Spa Supply's website at and explore their algae prevention products at Remember, a clean pool is a happy pool!